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Aligning through Choice - with our DIVINE Nature

Soul Realignment(TM) is a powerful multidimensional,intuitive healing modality that utilizes three aspects of the wisdom and information found in the Akashic Records to align fully with our souls purpose. 

A Soul Realignment reading will provide you with guidance and and insight for your Soul's own blueprint (highest path & purpose). You will also learn how blocks via negative emotional, spiritual and mental programming, uncleared karma and negative energetic damage are currently affecting experiences. You will experience an awareness that will allow you to understand your life from a view of your Soul's journey and begin to heal in order to better connect to your sacred truth to experience amazing shifts and changes in your life. 

Soul Realignment (TM) unlocks: 

  1. Who we are at Soul-level: We access the Akashic Records to discover and remember the nature of our Soul.  We can learn about our Soul's origination, the primary energies and vibrational qualities it is made of and is designed to work with and also what gifts and talents are inherent to the way our Soul was created by the Divine.  We become aware of how connected we are to our Higher Self and our Divine nature and the Life Lessons our Soul chose for this lifetime.  We also can bring understanding and a higher perspective to our relationships through awareness of how we connect, at Soul level, with those that are important in our lives.  We get to know who we are at Soul-level - our True Self.  This information gives us a comprehensive overview of our Soul Purpose for this lifetime

  2. How we create our circumstances through choice:  Through accessing the Akashic Records, we can understand how we create our present-life circumstances through our past choices; in this lifetime or in a past life.  We also come to understand that we are powerful creators of our own experiences, through our choices, and that each choice, whether positive or negative, has a consequence.  When we have made negative choices (everyone has!), they are not judged by the Universe as bad, or wrong, or evil.  They are simply choices that have created misalignment to our own Divinity.  These choices do not express who we truly are and that is why they are considered 'negative'.  A negative choice negates who we are vs. affirming who we are.  Every time we take action out of guilt, obligation, blame, shame or fear, we are creating negativity.  These negative choices have negative consequences that can affect us for years or even lifetimes.  These energetic consequences of our negative choices we call "blocks and restrictions"because they limit us from fully accessing our Divine gifts and talents and from being in alignment with our Soul's vibrational qualities and limit us from truly living our purpose. and may be holding you back from a more fulfilling, joyful, and abundant life.

  3. How, through awareness, we can clear what is limiting us:  When we have an understanding of who we are as Souls and have a conscious awareness of how our negative choices have created consequences that are continuing to affect us in our present life experiences, we can then energetically clear those consequences within the Akashic Records.  We clear the blocks and restrictions that are preventing us from accessing our Divinity and expressing it in our physical life. 

Through these three aspects of accessing the Akashic Records, we begin to live the expression of our Divinity in our human experience. We can then become, through new choices, the powerful creators of our human experience, in alignment with our Soul's expression for this very special life.

This reading will empower you by knowing what choices you are repeating through time, and allows the practitioner permission to energetically clear the Akashic Records of negative influences created by current and past choices. This gives you an opportunity to make new choices that can substantially shift your life.  Allowing you to make new choices that align with who you really are in divine nature and at Soul level.

Curious if Soul Realignment is right for you?

  • Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns over and over?

  • Do you have persistent negative self talk?

  • Do you lack clarity about your true purpose? 

  • Do you feel your are on the wrong path in life?

  • Do you questions or find it difficult to tap into your inner wisdom?

  • Do you desire to deepen your relationship with your Soul and truest self?

  • Do you want to learn more about the essence of who you are?

How does the Soul Realignment session work and what you will receive:

At the time of your booking I will need to know some information to access your Akashic Records.  Once I have received payment and scheduled your phone call with me, I will do your reading on my time in the privacy of my own sacred space.

  • We will then meet on the phone, skype, or in person so that we can discuss what I have found and what has been cleared energetically.

  • You will receive a written report upon completion of your personal reading. 

  • I will also assign you customized “homework” to complete over the course of 21 days

  • You will also receive heart centered mentoring and a followup phone call. 


For Children:

Soul Realignment is not only empowering on a personal/individual level, it can be a tremendous resource for parents to help guide their children through life. Having their Soul Realignment done is a huge service we can do for them. Clearing the major blocks and restrictions in their Soul's journey and gaining information about who they are at Soul level will help you to better understand how to support them. It truly is spiritual parenting, with down to earth results. Understanding and clearing the major blocks and restrictions in your children’s Soul journey allows you as a parent to better understand and support them. It truly is spiritual parenting.

For Property


Just as we have a record of our soul – properties also have records. There may be negative entities attached to a property that are influencing its inhabitants. This is very useful if you are trying to sell a house or if you want to ensure your home is free of negative influence. For this I will need the full address as well as the name of the resident(s) and pets living there – not necessarily the person that owns the house.  If it is an apartment make sure to include the apartment number.

Energy Exchange - $130