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Your TRANSFORMATION begins March 20th


The ONLY truly holistic lifestyle cleanse incorporating the seasonal rhythm and lunar cycles to amplify your results! You will upgrade your body, your experience and your life. Experience new level of vitality, disease resistance, anti aging. cellular detox and more.

It's a Spring Cleanse for the Body|Mind|Soul




A transformational 21 day experience weaving  together various teachings and methodologies to allow you to experience increased health, awareness and a new level of vibrancy - it works efficiently and effectively in only 21 days! 


You will not only shed layers of excess fat and deeply embedded toxins, you will also learn how to release what no longer serves you in the form of negative energy. THIS is a total TRANSFORMATION. 


Far too many of us have come to accept developing a degenerative disease or simply feeling incrementally worse each  year as part of the aging process. In emphasizing prevention, there is much we can do to balance stress and adopt healthier lifestyle choices to achieve radiant, glowing, vibrant health! In a time when 95 percent of health care costs are being spent on treating and managing illness, it’s apparent that the time has come for a new paradigm of prevention and self-care. Integrating prevention into our lifestyles may require seismic shifts in our perception of wellness and the stewardship of our own bodies, however it sets a solid foundation for self healing. 

Why Detox? 

Our bodies encounter more toxins than they can handle on a daily basis and most are suffering the consequences. Hormonal imbalances, inflammatory diseases, cancer + many other dis-eases in the body can all be traced back to excess toxicity. Toxins are ALL AROUND - the food we eat, the air we breathe (both inside and outside), furniture, carpeting, plastics, beauty products, scents to just name a few  - all prevent our bodies from carrying out the natural process of detoxification that we're meant to do. Unless you're incorporating detox therapies on a daily basis (and no, green juices doesn't count as detox!) - then you are toxic and putting your body in danger!


I'd actually ask who ISN'T THIS FOR?  and the answer is No one - EVERYONE can benefit from this experience. Especially those with chronic conditions such as autoimmune disease, cancer, post cancer treatment*(see below,) Lyme disease, those with low immunity, ANYONE that wants to include natural, holistic, ayurvedic, deep cellular renewal and anti-aging therapies into their arsenal, EVERYONE who wants to live a fully VIBRANT life.

Do you want to look years younger? Do you want to FEEL years younger? Do you want to stave off  or heal from dis-ease? Would you like to increase your intuitive connection to your body? What about vibrating higher, glowing from the inside out? THESE are all the results of MetaMorphosis


Vibrancy & Vitality you will see and feel

Balanced weight

Decreased Toxins - reduced toxic body burden; deep renewal for kidneys and liver

Intuitive connection to your body

Dramatically Decreased Inflammation

Initiating the healing process from certain dis-eases

Knowledge - an arsenal of healing tools to draw from to reactivate cellular cleansing and restore balance. 


This transformation cleanse has evolved over the past 15 years to a comprehensive holistic healing experience.  The therapies, the guidelines - every aspect of this program has been fine tuned to give you the most optimal results without deprivation. 


MetaMorphosis commences on March 20th - the Vernal Equinox, aka 1st Day of Spring.  This is naturally,  THE time of purification, healing and rejuvenation. It is a time to cleanse ourselves of winter’s residue and open ourselves to exciting new possibilities.  It is the most harmonious time of the year for fasting and cleansing body + mind + spirit.  

In terms of detox, one of the most powerful times of year is during the Equinox when we can harness the powerful equinox energies to boost our health. Every living thing on earth will respond to the energies of the equinox by releasing toxicity from the cells, including us. Why this is so important in relation to DETOX is because if you get this excess toxicity out of your body fully and effectively now, in the spring time, then you are far more likely to remain healthy for the rest of the year.  As the seasons change so do our bodies. In spite of our belief that humanity functions independent of our natural world, we are intimately tied to mother earth’s rhythms. You will learn how to use transformational tools to be in alignment with the seasons and earth's energies. Restoring your connection to earth's energies and rhythms may take practice at first, but it is indeed the cornerstone to your health and healing on all levels. 

In rhythm with nature

It is a particularly important time for our health and wellbeing since all living things are influenced by nature’s rhythms and cycles, such as the pull of the moon or the change of the seasons. Many of these influences have been observed and integrated into human culture and healing philosophies for thousands of years due to their effect on our health.  

When taking the reins on your own health care, aligning your body with seasonal energetics is a wonderful starting point. The spring and autumn equinoxes are of particular importance as they mark a shift between yin and yang energies. At the equinoxes, the energetics of our natural environment switch from yin to yang (in spring) and yang to yin (in autumn). The restful, quiet, yin nature of winter changes to the growth-centered, sprouting yang-energy of Spring. This environmental energetic change is a pivotal moment to capitalize on our own ability to TRANSFORM.



  • A group cleanse experience

  • In person guided super market tour to guide you on making the optimal choices

  • Weekly live meetings held via skype or facebook live

  • A comprehensive manual with simple to follow guidelines, shopping lists, recipes and tips

  • Choice of 1 out of 3 Total MetaMorphosis Cleanse Bundles that include everything you need for success (valued at $200)

  • One Complimentary Jade Infrared Sauna session ($119 value) + 50% discount on additional sessions and other detox therapies such as ionic foot detox bath and lymphatic decongestive therapy

  • Varying levels of discipline to follow  - this 21 day "cleanse" is meant to give you a taste of what living a high vibe experience is like; some days you may want to be very disciplined, other times you might want to loosen the reigns - you will receive results regardless. This experience is specifically designed to allow you the freedom to choose - you will be given guidance and lots of lists of options but will not need to follow a day to day menu.  This isn't a diet, rather a way to incorporate tremendous healing into your lifestyle. THIS is LIFE! Approach this as you would a new habit in your life - this isn't a quick fix (even though the results are ASTOUNDING!). At the end of the 21 days, you will have many tools to work with going forward - some you may begin to implement immediately, others you might feel aren't for you - that's ok! The goal through the transformation is to have you experience a purely clean celled body - no doubt, you will want to implement some of the practices to maintain the hi vibe feeling. 

  • Discount on post-cleanse therapies purchased within 90 days of completing MetaMorphosis


  • Fad diet theories

  • Calorie restriction, strict meal plans or counting calories

  • Powdered shakes or pre packaged meals (ONLY REAL food is consumed during transformation!)

  • Strict adherance to only one type of  "diet" - I've had vegan, vegetarians, raw vegans, omnivores etc  - all have tremendous results without having to eliminate any entire food group (in other words, if you're a meat eater - this can and will work for you!)

Specific schedule of live meetings, market tour, cleanse bundles etc will be released upon enrollment. 

MetaMorphosis Transformational Experience Investment: $333

*a word about post cancer  - whether having undergone alternative or conventional/allopathic cancer treatment (i.e. chemo or radiation), ONGOING detoxification therapies are an absolute MUST to maintain health. Chemotherapy and radiation are strong toxins, whether you’ve had one treatment or many, or whether it’s been one year or several years, the toxins stay in your body for a very long time - incorporating a cleansing type lifestyle that is featured in MetaMorphosis will be optimal