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Yoga Healing at Lotus Lounge

Kundalini-Yoga is the yoga of AWARENESS.  It is where you reconnect to YOU, come home to your SELF with these beautiful teachings using the sacred sound current of Mantra, graceful hand positions called Mudra, Movement and Asana, culminating in a Powerful Meditation.

“Happiness is your birthright. Make yourself so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too" ~ Yogi Bhajan 


Regardless of your current level of fitness or your experience with yoga, you can still begin your HEALTH TRANSFORMATION. simply, powerfully and effectively with Kundalini Yoga


I like to call Kundalini Yoga a "work in" vs. a "work out". The specific techniques works systematically on the glands, hormones, musculature, and metabolism to bring POTENT HEALTH, RADIANCE, VITALITY and ENERGY.  The results are quick and sustainable and you will  experience real positivity and deep well-being by establishing the effective biochemistry, energy and nervous system strength! 


History: Over 5,000 years in age and brought to the west in 1969 by the Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga is fast, effective, results oriented and approachable to anyone. The results are lasting wellness, masterful vibrancy and a powerful sense of self!

Current Schedule

Thursday  6:00pm - 7:15pm 

Fee:  $22 Drop in

         $80 monthly

10 class packages: $180

20 class packages: $320



*class packages also include Lotus Zen afternoon classes


Pop Up Kundalini - Join us around town as we partner with local businesses to offer Kundalini classes!  Radiance Through Kundalini Yoga - A 6 Week Series

Why participate in an intro series?
There can be a lot going on in a Kundalini Yoga practice, so the more knowledge you have, the quicker you’ll be able to focus and self-initiate when in class.

What are Kundalini classes like?
Very different from any other yoga style you've taken before!
Rhythmic movements, powerful breath patterns, and repeated mantras are the distinguishing features of the Kundalini yoga practice. Kundalini yoga is great for increasing focus, mental strength, and physical endurance. Aside from bringing great benefits to the physical health, it teaches us to look inward, observe our body without judgment, and to heal and accept ourselves.

This 6 week series will open the door to many simple practices to help you stay healthy, calm and strong. It will carry you forward in a natural progression toward Wisdom, real beauty and awareness.

Together as a community we will learn how to use our breath, specific postures (Kriyas),and sound (mantras) along with meditation to optimize our health, and how to adapt them to fit into a busy schedule.

We will suggest minimum and ideal amounts of time for the different exercises(kriyas) and meditations.

Each week you will receive an "assignment" - a take home a meditation to practice daily. See below for a "sneak peek" weekly outline of what you will learn in the first 4 weeks - if you're intrigued, well then you'll just have to experience the full series. IT.WILL.BE.LIFECHANGING ♥

Week 1 - Breath awareness/ Pranayam -Kundalini yoga and meditation practices make a point of using the breath to deepen your experience. According to yogic philosophy, the breath is the bridge that connects the body and the mind.

Week 2 - Awakening the navel center - Many Kundalini Kriyas have a focus on the Solar Plexus Chakra aka Manipura. By firing up this chakra center, you can bring the qualities of clarity, self-confidence, bliss, self-assurance, knowledge, wisdom and the ability to make correct decisions into your life.

Week 3 - Breath of fire - THE powerful breath of Kundalini yoga will strengthen your aura, increases physical endurance, balances the nervous system, purifies the blood and much much more!

Week 4 - Finding your voice through mantra -Mantras are used extensively in Kundalini yoga. Mantras are sacred sounds used both for their meaning as well as the vibration of sound they create in the body. There are specific intentions behind each one, and you will chant throughout class.

Week 5 - Embracing positive energy for general well being

Week 6 - Maintaining YOUTH + FLEXIBILITY


For registration - https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/LLCJ58/workshops

Private Sessions

Private Yoga Sessions - Are you looking to create more balance in your life? Do you experience anxiety or stress?  Do you want something a bit more customized than what typical yoga classes offer? Private yoga instruction will meet all your needs. Each session will feature Lymphatic Activation (low impact exercise that will detox, provide cardiovascular conditioning, muscle tone and coordination), Gentle Asanas (yoga poses specific to your needs), Kundalini Kriyas (special yoga technology that creates luminosity, glandular balance and soo much more), Meditation and Pranayama (specific breathing exercises). Sessions can also include aromatherapy, sound healing and/or energy healing. Individual sessions are not strictly Kundalini (although heavily influenced) based but rather a hybrid of my experiences over the past 25 years as a practitioner/student/teacher. The inspiratio my come from various styles, the result is a powerful synergy. You will release stress, combat anxiety, increase flexibility and balance, increase cardiovascular endurance as well as balance the glandular system -  calming, soothing and strengthening your nervous system. Experience TRUE VITALITY
90 mins/$90