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Jade FIR Sauna
Experience the Healing Effects of our Infrared Jade Sauna
How would you like to bliss out for 30 minutes while burning calories, eliminating toxins, improving your skin, and strengthening your cardiovascular and immune systems, all while relaxing, reducing stress and fatigue? Simply slip into our futuristic near and far infrared sauna ‘pod’, serenely situated in our spa sanctuary – with dim lighting, calm music and aromatherapy infused air – and relax and rejuvenate while you sleep, meditate, or just bliss out as your troubles melt away.
This is not your ordinary infrared sauna! At Lotus Lounge we have taken the experience a step further by including jade stones along the entire length of the sauna, affixed to a cushioned surface. What you will feel as you stretch out, is deeply soothing warmth that immediately relaxes those stressed back muscles. Jade is known as the “healer’s stone” whose properties have been known to sharpen your mental alertness and decrease stress which is a must for any anti-aging program. Unlike any other infrared sauna, our jade infrared sauna is also equipped with both “near” and “far” infrared so that you receive full infrared spectrum. The near infrared provides a more topical relaxing heat while the far infrared penetrates deeper into the muscles giving you a greater sense of relaxation.   
The Best Infrared Sauna
Our infrared sauna is unlike any other because your head is comfortably outside allowing you to feel more relaxed as your body works up the perspiration that expels toxins from your system. Other infrared sauna booths become uncomfortable because the entire body is enclosed and becomes overheated, reducing the amount of time you can spend in the infrared sauna. Why not relax and enjoy our jade infrared sauna while reducing noxious chemicals and heavy metals that we are exposed to in our environment.
The jade infrared sauna’s rays warm the body from the inside out. That’s why the infrared sauna has such an immensely relaxing and pain-relieving effect. The infrared spectrum also has a profound positive effect on the immune system because of its detoxifying action on the body. Detoxification is essential for optimal health.
Lose Weight
Best of all, you burn calories in the Infrared Jade Sauna – up to 600 calories in a single session! Add this as part of your weight loss program and reach your goals faster.
Clinical research has shown infrared saunas to significantly relieve or totally eliminate the following conditions*:
Muscular-Skeletal Challenges
Strenghtens the immune system
Reduces Cellulite
Increases production of white blood cells, lowers blood pressure, and improves circulation
Digestive Disturbances
Skin Conditions - Improves complexion, adds a vibrant glow, reduces wrinkles, age spots and varicose veins
Scar Tissue
Menopause and Menstrual Discomfort
Sleep Disturbance
Brain Injuries
Cancer Pain
Stagnant Lymph
Effects of Toxic Electromagnetic Fields