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Experience Essential Oils

As a Holistic Practitioner, Certified Nutritionist & Lymphatic Detox Therapist, I have utilized potent and healing essential oils for over 15 years in my personal protocols as well as for my client base. Essential oils are SERIOUS, PLANT MEDICINE - as with many natural substances they have both the quality to heal and harm. I will introduce you to the tremendous healing potential of the oils in addition to how to use them safely (these are to be regarded as medicine, far from what they're generally thought of as "nice things to smell") In these educational and experiential workshops we will cover the medicinal & therapeutic use of essential oils. Each workshop will explore the various uses for physical (prevention and healing from various health complaints such as hormone imbalance, inflammation, chronic pain, lyme disease, migraines, etc) and emotional/spiritual/vibrational (yoga, chakra balancing, meditation)

January 13th 3pm - 4:30pm - Physical Uses


In this educational and experiential workshop you will learn the medicinal and therapeutic use of essentials oils. Explore the use of oils for physical benefits, such as prevention and healing from various health complaints, disease defense & healing, cellular detox, stress relief, pain relief & inflammation, hormone balance, weight loss and more.  Includes DIY therapeutic essential oil based skincare product


Energy Exchange: $35 in advance/ $40 at the door. 

January 27th - 2pm - 3:30pm Emotional/Spiritual/Vibrational Uses-


This workshop will explore the use of essential oils for emotional and spiritual aspects. Learn how to use essential oils to connect deeper to source, raise your vibration, align your chakras, enhance your yoga practice and more. Includes DIY Customized Chakra Rollerball Remedy Blend