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Crystal Lymph Facial

Awaken your inner beauty!

Our faces reveal our emotions and lifestyle choices . Our life is always reflected on our face, we see this frequently, but rarely attribute it to our overall energetic field. We use symbolic expressions in daily life - the blushing bride, the pregnancy glow, the serene expression of a yogi or on the opposite ends of the spectrum - the intensity of anger/rage, the lines of grief or pangs of sorrow.  Very often lines and wrinkles of the face will appear and be intensified by the negative and unpleasant emotions we experience.

The Crystal Lymph Facial is like nothing you've ever experienced - this transcendent experience combines three holistic therapies for a natural approach to beauty. The treatment begins with Electro Lymph therapy focused on the face and neck for a superior lymphatic flush, eliminating puffiness and tension. Following the ELT is an application of specific crystal enhanced hydrosols & skin elixir suitable to your needs. The next step is Gua Sha for the face & neck, which has been called "Eastern Botox" (or Eastern Facelift along with Tuning Fork Therapy. Finally, harnessing the natural energy from specifically chosen crystals to bestow a sense of calm and provide anti aging, de-stressing or detoxifying actions along with a crystal wand facial massage to deliver energetic nourishment to soften your complexion and soothe your eyes. You will then rest in our serene spa room with a variety crystals on specific facial points. 


The results are numerous:


  • Firms up your sagging facial muscles

  • Smooths the skin and reduces the appearance of lines & wrinkles 

  • Improves dark circles and bags under the eyes 

  • De puffs facial contours and provide a lifting action

  • Lightens age spots and other skin discolorations

  • A rosy complexion, more radiant - imbued with a youthful glow

  • Helps clear up acne, rosacea, and other skin diseases on your face

  • Overall sense of calm