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Yoga Healing at Lotus Lounge

During the past 25 years yoga has been an immense part of my life - whether as a practitioner, student or teacher, I've immersed myself in the practice,theory, teachings and study of various styles. The style taught at Lotus Lounge is a hybrid of my experiences.  I love the precision and accuracy of Iyengar (but never resonated with the slower pace of class) so you may find yourself reaching for a prop or two. I love the slow, meaningful flow that Vinyasa can inspire (yet you'll never find me doing chaturanga after endless chaturanga for the sake of it), I crave to fill my body with Prana for vibrancy & resiliency, so you can be assured that we'll be incorporating plenty of Pranayama. I love to feel my body just melt into the mat and the deep relaxation that comes from a Restorative session. I can't live without the deep healing and potency of Kundalini Kriyas.  The inspiration may come from various styles, the result is a powerful synergy. You will release stress, combat anxiety, increase flexibility and balance, calm, soothe & strengthen your nervous system, increase cardiovascular endurance, balance the glandular system and experience true vitality. 

Who is this yoga style for? EVERY BODY. No matter you age, ability, experience - this class is accessible to just about anyone and all will benefit deeply. These classes are powerful, not in an ashtanga/power yoga way but in a powerfully simple experience that will allow you to gently push your body beyond your perceived limits - through your breath, through repetition of easy movement. Many of these poses can be performed seated while the standing postures will challenge your balance, igniting your core. You may flow through a down dog series, then spend equal time in a restorative pose. The balance is key.