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Our Story & Founder

Lotus Lounge is a holistic healing and detox center specializing in lymphatic cleansing, detoxification and energy healing. The therapies at Lotus Lounge assist individuals in achieving radiant, glowing, vibrant health by providing the tools they need to maintain a cleaner lifestyle. Our synergistic purifying therapies are not a cure for disease, but set the precondition for the body to heal itself. In a time when 95 percent of health care costs are being spent on treating and managing illness, it’s apparent that the time has come for a new paradigm of prevention and self- care. Integrating prevention into our lifestyles may require seismic shifts in our perception of wellness and the stewardship of our own bodies. Over time, many of us have come to accept developing a degenerative disease or simply feeling incrementally worse each  year as part of the aging process. In emphasizing prevention, there is much we can do to balance stress and adopt healthier lifestyle choices. Purification therapies are a safe, whole body approach to wellness and healthy aging by supporting the body as it strives to maintain its natural alkalinity and ideal weight.


Purification and lifestyle change can often be an invitation to be in tune with your body. Feeling healthy and happy with an abundant source of energy allows us to be in tune with life force. Vitality, living life to its fullest and our ability to cope with stress is intimately linked to our physical health, as is our ability to experience joy, balance and hope. Lotus Lounge offers revolutionary purifying therapies & cellular cleansing that can often be a catalyst for change. 


Angelina, the founder of Lotus Lounge is here to guide you on your journey to leading a healthy, balanced life and can customize a framework to follow so you can detoxify your body, renew your energy and recharge your sprit.


about Angelina


Angelina is a Integrative Practitioner - with a focus on Holistic Nutrition/Wellness and Energy Healing. She holds certifications in Detox therapies, including Electro Lymphatic Therapy. As a Healing Arts Practitioner, she is an Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher, Christ Heart Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Energy Healer and is a certified Yoga Teacher. She is passionate about helping others achieve radiant wellness and is dedicated to leading a healthy, natural lifestyle, and assisting others on their path to vibrant health. Angelina continuously learns of new and effective holistic tools and protocols to help clients heal from the inside out. The area of lymphatic circulation and cellular detox is especially close to Angelina's heart as she feels it has been these tools that have played a significant role in overcoming and restoring her health from chronic, undiagnosed Lyme Disease. Her story is both a common one and quite extraordinary - undiagnosed for many years, striving to maintain health despite the adversity of a mysterious illness, unable to lead a "normal" life, debilitated by severe breakdown of her body and accumulation of toxins. Angelina sought the intervention of many holistic doctors and practitioners to assist in treating such conditions of endocrine failure, hormonal imbalances, severe toxicity (heavy metal poisoning), neuro symptoms, chronic migraines, digestive disturbances, extreme pain & fatigue. Unfortunately, her body did not respond successfully to many of the protocols. It wasn't until she set out on a path of deep, cellular cleansing utilizing many of the therapies she now offers at the Lotus Lounge, that she was able to restore her health and allow various Lyme treatments to take hold and heal her body - eventually resulting in eradicating the disease from her body.  For more information on Angelina & how she helps individuals recover from Lyme Disease - visit - www.wholistic-revolution.com


Angelina chose the symbolic Lotus to represent her story - it was out of the ordeal of suffering chronic, debilitated health and the journey back to vibrancy that evokes the spirit of the lotus - pushing through horrid conditions to be rebirthed into purity.